A Note from Daniel Jackson:

Reserve Team Coach

” Pride. When I look back over this season with our Reserve side, I can not express how proud I am of every single player. This season has been a very testing one. We have had games where we have struggled to form a team and games where we have had a team of 11. We’ve played with 7 players, 8 players, 9 players, 10 players and through no fault of their own, they have had to play games with the odds already in the opposition’s favour. It would have been easy for these players, who turn up every week to training, to simply slack off or worse, leave the club but they have shown a mental strength not many people have. When things have been against them, they have done the first thing required: turn up. Then when they’ve turned up, they have applied themselves to try and become a better player.

Well done to each and every one of you this season. Thank you for your efforts on and off the pitch.”

“I would also like to say a massive thank you to those that don’t get a mention but behind the scenes put in a lot of time and work to help the players, team and club continually develop.

Steve Barker and Tommy Robinson have given up their time to provide analysis for the reserve team. They have filmed both home and away games for players to watch back on, while also watching these games back themselves and presenting feedback to the team or certain individuals. Lee Wright has supervised the performance analysis within the reserve side as the clubs Head of Performance Analysis. Shane Rowe has given up his time to provide fantastic sessions during training. Joe Leftley has put on some great warm up sessions during training incorporating strength and conditioning. As the club’s physiotherapist, Connor Williamson has treated and advised all players throughout the season on any injuries or concerns.”

“Thank you to you all for devoting your free time to be a part of this football club and for the contributions you have made this season. “