Hull City suffered a 0-4 defeat against West Brom Women at Haworth Park, as first team manager gave an honest appraisal in his post match interview.

Keeley Davies, Trina Greaves, Jade Arber and Natalie Murray all scored for the Baggies as the Tigresses now turn their focus onto next week’s away game against Nottingham Forest Women.

Adi Costello said: “Nothing went right today, let’s be fair it’s not been ideal week for us either, the guidance was to cancel everything till Public Health England have spoken to you, PHE didn’t speak to us till Tuesday and said only this amount of people have to self isolate but we’ve missed a training session, we couldn’t train Friday because it’s not good for the girls so we’ve not trained this week.”

West Brom scored in the first two minutes after kick off in both half’s and scored late goals in the 85th minute and 90th minute. As Costello was disappointed in the performance but still is positive for the rest of the season. 

There’s a lot of frustration around and I think that came out today we didn’t play well, West Brom had the ball and we kept giving it back. There’s periods in the game where you have to get the ball and play with it but we didn’t today.

We were poor and I’ve told them we was poor, we need to train, our slots aren’t ideal, Monday is good for everyone but Friday isn’t that needs moving and if we don’t get that moved we’ll be in the exact boat come this Sunday when we go away again. The girls will be frustrated that we haven’t trained sufficiently, it needs to get sorted and it will get sorted.

After a good draw against Middlesbrough on the opening game of the season and a fantastic win against Sunderland at home the following week, the Tigresses have lost the last three games as Costello admitted the Tigresses lacked desire which has been previously shown this season.

They wanted it more they had more desire, any 50/50 West Bromwon it. If they didn’t win the first ball, they won the second ball, they had the desire and we didn’t have that desire, I don’t know why, there’s a lot gone on behind the scenes. We did not play like we can and did not fight for the ball.

We had the desire in that Huddersfield game, we was just beaten by the better team but the desire was there, Fylde two weeks ago we was beaten by the better team on the day but the desire was there, that’s the bit what was lacking today, we was not even on the same playing field as West Brom today,” said Costello.

Hull City Ladies will now turn their attention to the two upcoming pivotal games against Nottingham Forest Women and Sheffield Women. The Tigresses play Forest away this Sunday and then Sheffield Women at Haworth Park on 1st November. You can purchase home tickets against Sheffield Women FC here!

There’s no consistency, the league are saying that the advice is don’t use the changing rooms but we know teams will, someone, somewhere should be saying no changing rooms, the guidance is the same for everyone.

Everyone is frustrated and it comes down to a poor performance but we pick ourselves up and go again next week,” said Costello.

Photos by Sam Shepherd and Kevin Greene