Hull City Ladies earned a hard-fought 2-2 draw against Nottingham Forest Women, despite conceding twice in stoppage time, it was a brilliant and spirited performance under the circumstances according to first-team manager Adi Costello.

Costello said: That’s the best we’ve played this year, the girls were absolutely superb, we were 2nil up till the 91st minute then they had a penalty, seven minutes of added time and with playing with 10 players because Suey had to come off,

For 12 minutes we played with 10 players, two 16-year old’s in the team, one in goal and one playing holding midfield, we were absolutely class today, the best we’ve played, better than we played against Middlesbrough and Sunderland, that was a very good performance.”

It was a thrilling match at Eastwood Football Club, goals from Emily Smith and Rebecca Beech put the Tigresses two goals up, but goals from Annabel McKechnie and Rosie Axxten clinched a draw for Forest.

Forest who were top of the league coming into the match scored on the 92nd and 95th minute but Costello was proud of the girls’ desire and commitment.

“It was a really good performance, they’re shattered, the girls give everything if we travelled down this morning and someone said to me, Adi if you can turn around now and take a point against top of the league Forest, yeah I would.

Some of the comments from Aston Villa fans, who can’t go to their games, go to the Forest games and they said we are the best team to come here this year and that’s testament to the girls,” said Costello.

Hull City Ladies were beaten 4-0 last week against West Brom but against Forest, the Tigresses deserved the point Costello said.

“We wanted it more than Forest today, we wanted the ball more than them, we worked harder, last week I did say we had no desire we didn’t deserve anything against West Brom, today we deserved that point.

A completely different side to last week, same girls, I’m really pleased, they were absolutely incredible today and if you’re going to say who’s your player of the match, I couldn’t tell you, all 11 of them, well 14 they all give everything they have got.”

Influential players Jo Symington and Suey Smith limped off but Costello is hoping the injuries are not too serious.

“Physio’s going to work on the injuries, probably will miss training tomorrow and see how they are for Friday but again we’re gearing for next Sunday, if they can’t make training, not that bothered, as long as they can make the game.

Again it’s one of those knock-on things, it’s our first game on 3G this year, all of the sudden your ankles, knees, and hips all those things that is different from playing on grass, the girls felt it today but fair play to them,” said Costello.

Faith Martin came on for the injured Symington and The Tigresses manager was full of praise for the 16-year old club debutant.

“Debut for the 16-year-old girl coming back from an ACL injury, not played a competitive game maybe for a year now, she was quality, what a future that girl has got. Again Abi, a 16-year-old keeper, commended her box, she came out and collected everything, nothing she could have done for the goals – the two 16 year Old’s were class, let’s go find some more.”

It was good to see a crowd watching live football at some good facilitates. Watch the Tigresses at Haworth Park. We have policies and procedures to keep everyone safe! We have three home games left: Nov 1st Vs Sheffield Women (buy tickets here) Nov 8th Vs Stoke City Ladies, and Dec 6th Vs Loughborough Foxes.

Costello said: Hat’s off to Forest, this is an incredibly welcoming environment, everything about it is class, like we are at home as well but it’s been a class experience coming here today. People here make you welcome, the referee kept us informed whilst there was a delay due to the linesman arriving late, the girls were singing in the dressing room.

We need the fans, let’s get some noise, you heard how noisy their fans were today, we want that noise for our girls next week, but that was class, people were singing, we want a bit of noise back at Haworth Park, let’s get some fans down.”

*Written by Alex Robinson

*Photo By Kevin Greene