Hull City Ladies FC is committed to excellence, and we have high goals and aspirations for the club. To help us achieve our goals and for supporters to have a voice we reach out to parents and supporters by asking them to work with us as volunteers and in an advisory capacity to enhance our operations.

By participating in this group, supporters will have an opportunity to share their expertise and skills which will support the club in reaching the goals we have set.

To have our loyal supporters an opportunity to have a voice on all matters Hull City Ladies. To provide insight and knowledge on how HCLFC can improve in all areas of the club. To help with fundraising activities, to improve Hull City Ladies off the field and to be a part of the club. Because without supporters, football is nothing.

All supporters are welcome to join the supports group, we want players parents, academy parents, supporters who come and watch the Tigresses, supports who have an interest in the women’s game to be apart of the group, to provide the club with solutions, constructive criticism and feedback.

The first meeting will be 01/02/2022 our HQ k2 Building in Hull. This will initially be in an introductory meeting to meet other members and to set dates for future meetings going forward. The first meeting, Hull City Ladies staff will be present, then moving forward it will just be the supporters group members. Members will then decide how many times and where the meeting will take place.

We look forward seeing supports further join the Tigress family and help to create further opportunities for women and girls in the region.

 “One Team One Dream, Tigress Way”