New Sponsor to Level Up Media Coverage

We are pleased to announce that the team at Divine Clark PR have agreed to be a Regional Partner of Hull City Ladies FC.

The Hull-based PR agency will shine a spotlight on our Club to increase media coverage amongst local and regional press and broadcasters.

Jess Clark, Director of Divine Clark PR says:

“The back pages rarely include women’s sport. We’ve signed up as a Key Partner to level up some of that coverage, working with journalists who are keen to include news about Hull City Ladies FC.

“Since the Lionesses won the World Cup last year, interest in the women’s sport has massively increased and we need to maximise opportunities to put the Club in front of a bigger audience. The aim is to increase match attendance, engage additional sponsors to create new revenue streams into the Club and encourage more women and girls to get involved.

“I’ve been super impressed by the players who manage to play around full time jobs and families. It seems to be a completely different experience to the men’s sport and I feel it is important to illustrate this. The demands on players are unreal but they tackle it all head with undeniable passion for the sport they love.”

Danny Johnson, Hull City Ladies Managing Director says:

“We are delighted to welcome Divine Clark PR to the team. With sponsorship, investment and the all-important media coverage in women’s football growing exponentially, Hull City Ladies believe the timing is right to grow the club and aim for being a Women’s Championship team in the next five years, ultimately, ascending to the WSL.

“Working with Divine Clark PR will help us to build brand awareness and improve visibility which is all part of our growth plan.”

With regards to sponsors, Hull City Ladies FC has a wide range of opportunities and we are currently seeking the following  – Principal and Community Partners, Key Partners, Regional Partners, Player and Match Day Sponsors.