Hull City Ladies and Reds10 are delighted to announce that we have extended our ground-breaking collaboration for a further five years, during which Reds10 will remain Principal & Community Partner. We look forward to continuing our work together to break down barriers and create opportunities for women to develop, empower and achieve in our respective industries.

Our first year working together has been a resounding success, focusing on school and community events. Proudly, Hull City Ladies’ forward Jessie Shipley, has become a valued part of Reds10’s Quality Team at their Driffield factory. An appointment which in part inspired the major focus for the next phase of our collaboration.

It was great to see over 160+ designs for the 2022/24 home shirt in collaboration with Reds10 and Wolds Engineering and it was fantastic to see the Reds10 Family Fun day went well against Bradford, with the Tigresses securing a 4-2 win and a crowd of 421. The second highest attendance just behind Newcastle of 501.

Our aim is to use our work to date as a springboard to the next phase. A collaboration we hope will revolutionise our industries, through major emphasis on a ‘Dual Career Pathway’, which will enable selected players to work for Reds10, study an apprenticeship, and train with the Club. We are excited about the endless possibilities for growth and development that this collaboration will bring. 

Other potential initiatives also include joint workshops in local schools, the Breaking Down Barriers award and more. Keep your eyes peeled for further news on development centres too!

The collaboration will also see the company proudly represented on the arm of the new 2022/24 away shirt and on the arm of the Girls’ Development Pathway training shirt. The Pathway includes the Girls’ Emerging Talent Centre ( U11’s, U10’s and U9’s) and The Girls Elite Academy (U16’s, U14’s and 12’s.

We’re also looking forward to more family fun days, you can watch INIT Creative video of the family fun day below!

Hull City Ladies Managing Director Danny Johnson said: I’m delighted that the club has formed an exciting partnership with Reds10 and have continued to support the Tigresses by remaining a Principal & Community Partner. We have some big plans together, as we work collaboratively together to further break down barriers to participation, all which will inspire positive change within our communities. We both continue to give Women and Girls opportunities to develop, empower and achieve, and the possibility of achieving anything you put your mind to. The dual career is being highlighted and recognised now more than ever by us and the FAWNL, keep your eyes peeled throughout the year as we work collaboratively with Reds10 to help young women and girls overcome challenges and stigmas that sport and construction faces.”

Reds10 CEO Matt Bennion said: “Our partnership signifies our commitment to creating a positive impact in the community and breaking down barriers to participation in construction and in sport. Our first year working with HCLFC has built understanding of how we work and confirmed that we are the right partners for each other. The Dual Careers Pathways are a game changer for both organisations but most importantly for aspiring footballers, designers, project managers, production managers and manufacturing and construction personnel.  Together, we can achieve great things and make a real difference in our society.”

Reds10 is an award-winning, vertically integrated off-site construction specialist, which exists to help everyone live, learn and thrive in amazing spaces. They are changing the game in their industry and finding new and innovative ways to design, build, operate and finance buildings, including investing in talented people from all walks of life.

The company has its factories in Driffield, East Yorkshire and offices in London and Slough. Hull City Ladies’ and Reds10’s values naturally align around creating opportunities for people in the region to develop, empower and achieve.

Inspiring Positive Change – Together.