We’re looking forward to our upcoming Sports Womens Dinner sponsored by AA Global & MJ Quinn.


Meet the language people, with a thorough understanding of over 500 languages and dialects around the world. You want a culturally nuanced interpretation, you want a technically true translation… their people are here to help. Approaching each project with the same enthusiasm and expertise as the last How do they work?

Get in touch with them. We’re Language People, and they’re ready to chat with you about how we can help. Whether you pick up the phone, send email or directly make a request through the portal, they are ready to assist. Either the Interpreting or Translation department is now focusing on requirements. Either locating the most suitable interpreter for appointment or assessing document/s, they might need some more information from you, so hope you don’t mind them popping back up! Otherwise, unwind and let us sort this out for you.


MJ Quinn believe in creating great connections, with their customers, their people and their world. They trust in their team and have a workforce skilled to meet the needs of a 21st century communications network. Each day they enhance the UK’s home and business lives through the efficient and innovative turnkey solutions.

MJ Quinn are unique in our offer of fully integrated end to end design, plan and build solutions. As part of the Visabeira Group, they are able to utilise considerable expertise acquired over 30 years working across Europe and Africa allowing customer goals to be achieved and future success to be realised. Their mission is to establish the business as a positive force in the lives of their people, partners, customers and the world. MJ Quinn is built on 6 core values which demonstrate what they stand for and what they celebrate.