It may only be preseason, but for the first time in the 22 years of Hull City Ladies FC, the Tigresses played in the capital.

In partnership with Reds 10, and with continued and invaluable support from Wolds a weekend away trip was organised for the HCL first team squad, finishing with a hard fought and competitive preseason clash with FAWNL SE+L side QPR.

As the sun shone down on Humberside, the rain did not relent on the City team in West London. But that did not stop over 50 travelling and local HCL fans, donning their Orange and Black, cheering on a fighting performance.

The first half was full of mistakes, with out of character moments throughout. Despite finding and an early lead from Rachael Ackroyd, and creating two further excellent chances, the City girls found themselves deservedly behind at the break.

The second half was relentless. Poetically the deluge from above mirrored the onslaught from the Tigresses, a starved pack hunting down their next meal. Knight x2 and Wentworth completed the turnaround in performance, mood and result. The young pup scoring her second in 2 preseason outings for the first team, bringing a beaming grin through the grey shower.

“Everything we could have hoped for from we weekend, we got really. We were tested, physically, mentally and tactically in the game. We had to raise it and perform to a good level to get something but it’s a good trait to practice in preseason

The trips been good for everyone. I’m really proud of the girls, to see them together, engaging and inspiring young fans and having a good time as team, is what it’s all about”

  • Chris Hames, First Team Manager