Under the lights in a Behind Closed Doors friendly, Hull City Ladies took on a young and talented Development side to the Championship side, Sheffield United. It was Hot and sweaty, and that was not just the staffs post game pizza. The summer had finally hit, under the lights and a mild and humid evening gave a real feel of summer preseason camp, the gnawing of any exposed limbs by Sirius Academy’s resident flying beasts even made it feel quite exotic – sort of

On the pitch the group gained another valuable step towards August 20th. In the first half dominating both sides of the ball, transitioning very well and other than missing that final touch could have added more than the two superb strikes that found the back of the net. First Kirstie Hunt hit a high and powerful volley in to the top corner, and Jo Symington fired low and ferociously after beating her player

In the second half the Tigresses had to dig in, particularly following a rocket of a freekick that halved the deficit. But resolute defending and half work meant that the Sheff U chances were limited despite the heavy and consistent pressure

“I thought tonight was an excellent test for us, something to really set ourselves in to and it gave us enough real and consistent challenges to be able to struggle with and figure out. First half was a good test of our game plan, what we want to try make games look like, and how we can look to dominate both sides of the ball. The second half was when our backs are up and things aren’t going your way, when you just have to set in and work to the win. Both skills we are going to need in this season, so I’m delighted we got to see what this looks like”

Up next? The LAST PRESEASON GAME: Halifax FC at North Cave, 2pm