That is it. Pre-season, the much despised, but insanely valuable part of every clubs calendar, has ended for Hull City Ladies. It has been a tough and competitive mini-campaign for the Tigresses

It rounded off on Sunday 13th August, out of the North Cave training base, as HCL welcomed a strong Halifax FC side – newly named, but well established Tier 3 club. A relatively even contest: The Northern Premier side having some good chances on the counter, and showing some exceptional quality in the midfield areas; City had much of the ball, and some real punching moments in attack – many of which deserved better.

It ding-donged in the scoring. Halifax led then City responded each time. Goals from Ackroyd and Lynskey for City. 3-2 the final score

“It was a great test for us, we want to be a team that challenges at that level and for large part of the game we think we did today. It has been those moments where we doubt ourselves on the pitch, or lower our basic standards and we make it difficult for ourselves, but we have an amazing ability to fix performance in game and when we did that we made it a contest

Through this pre-season, we know what we are, and we are confident of being us as we go in to the season next week”