1. Match Day Support Staff – Voluntary
  2. Foundation Manager Wanted!
  3. Performance Analyst – Voluntary
  4. Kit Manager Wanted!
  5. Reserves Head Coach – Voluntary
Current Team
Hull City Ladies

Sponsored by:

Alberto A. Larrea is a football agent based in Iceland, he has licensed by the Icelandic Football Federation (KSÍ) since 2018/.

As an agent, he is hands on and put a lot of attention to detail to ensure that players are on the right track to reach their objectives. His aim is to do his best to behave professionally and fairly at all times.

I work in football now & it is something I love, when I saw Ellice was looking for a sponsor I was very excited to try to do it not just as an agent but as a football fan as well.

At the end of the day, I do this because I love football and helping players as much as I can. That means that I am as likely to be found at a top tier match as I am to be found at a lower level match looking for talented players that might just need someone to help them take the next steps in their careers.”

To visit the website and find out more about his services visit or email them