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Silver Tiger Fashion Facemask

Silver Tiger Fashion Facemask

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Product Description

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  • Unisex Face masks with elastic fitting
  • Made from breathable fabric
  • Comfortable fit and shape to contour to your face
  • Machine washable and re-usable, lasts up to 100 washes


Small Mask Large Mask
Mask Height

11 – 11 cm
4.3 – 4.3 “
14 – 14 cm
5.5 – 5.5 “

12 – 12 cm
4.7 – 4.7 “
14 – 14 cm
5.5 – 5.5 “


How to Wear Your Face Mask

Ensure you always wash your masks before use and refrain from touching your face.

When putting on your face mask, hold it over your nose and mouth with clean hands, before pulling the elastic straps over your ears. Adjust it as needed to ensure it completely covers your nose, mouth and chin. Pinch the shape forming nose bridge for a sleek, smooth fit.

When removing your mask, pull the straps off your ears and lift the mask away from your face, refraining from touching the front of your mask, as it may be contaminated. Wash your mask every time you use it.

How to Care for Your Mask

Wash your mask each time you use it for maximum safety.  They’re machine washable (up to 60 degrees) but please avoid tumble drying to ensure your designs remain of the highest quality.


For orders in bulk, over 12 masks, please email:

Additional Information

Face Mask Size

Adult, Small / Kids


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