Written by Emily Johnson – Hull Live

Nine-year-old Betsy Hayes is over the moon after finding out she’s been signed to Hull City Ladies.

Betsy, who lives in East Yorkshire, has only been playing the sport for a year, after being inspired by the success of England’s Lionesses. However, once she started playing football, she took to it like a duck to water and has been playing for Hornsea Under 9s.

In the blistering June heat, Betsy, along with approximately 200 other children, competed in football trials for Hull City. Around a week later, her mum Samantha got the amazing news that she had been signed to the Girls Elite Academy for Under 10s.

Samantha said: “It all started when she watched The Lionesses last year. I love watching women’s football myself, I think it’s great, and she decided to try it.

“Betsy has always been sporty, like a lot of the family, and is especially good at running. She went to Hornsea to play for their club and then got put in for the trials at Hull City Ladies.”

On June 20 and 25, Betsy went out in the scorching weather and made an excellent effort. “I told her that it was just about getting the experience and it didn’t matter if she got in or not,” Samantha said.

“However, her coach knew she would because he watched and said she did amazing. The following week, I got an email from Hull City saying she had been accepted and I don’t think she quite believed me.

“She was in shock and kept asking if I was joking. Now, she has big plans for her future.”

Betsy explained to her parents that when she’s older she would like to join Liverpool women’s team, before going on to be a Lioness herself. “She’s inspired by footballers like Mo Salah and Rachel Daly,” Samantha said.

“They all call her a mini Ronaldo at Hornsea and she has just won a cup for being the top goal scorer. Wherever she is, she is always kicking something around, whether it be a real ball or a tin foil ball.

“She has dipped in and out of hobbies before but she really sees a future in football.”

Written by Emily Johnson – Hull Live

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Image: Samantha Rogerson